There´s a silent anti-entrepreneuer middle class investing way ongoing currently in Brazil. Some areas such as technology, health, assets maintance, have ordinary demand for further profits. But from a regular standpoint, middle class brazilians nowadays refuse to set-up new companies at all. High taxation system and an excess of legal workers’ protection make it a really hard assingment to turn any company profitable herearound.

A proud nation, aiming endless capital and profit whatever, whoever and anyhow, apparently fully capitalist, is ethnically profiled by na emerging class of immigrants. Never guilting themselves, but ever pointing the educational system, political bribery, a complex tax system, and workers several syndicates all around. In truth, a nation that shapes since early ages an excessive proud ambition anyhow, ever bypassing any dignity, honour, slight respect sense, in exchange for some pick of money.

Assimetries are all around. The middle-class mídia teleguided refuses to judge and further analyse with own critical spirit. The current political challenge is to dowsize the retirement system déficit. With nobody to please recall the public opinion that all governamental direct and indirect workers, commonly are earning too high salaries, comparing with brazilian population media. Not because are better brazilians, but just because there’s an entire system of benefits that adds amounts and calculate salaries according to 70, 80, 90 era of hiperinflation.

Total Brazilian GPD is only edging lower. With any inflexion perspective. Governament press only recalibrate data available, by focusing on commodities export indices, ever high leveled. A water and light blackout over the skyline, can also complicate the political stress. Furhtermore, the low fares era is a reality for cabs and airplane trips transport. Associated with the highlighted IT channels such as airbnb, uber and real estate direct owner rental and sales websites. Plus an ever remembered high homeless déficit.

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advogado, SP/SP

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